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What do we offer


Are you planning small seminars for 10 participants, or huge conferences for as many as 2000 people?
We will arrange everything according to your requirements. We will be more than happy to offer you:

  • Full organization of conferences and seminars, including all additional and auxiliary services (giveaways for participants, documentation, hostesses, etc.)
  • Organization of company training for employees
  • Organization of road-shows of your seminars in Czech cities and abroad
  • Training courses in corporate communication, motivation, sales skills
  • Manufacturing and production of P.O.S./ P.O.P. materials and printouts

How does conference look like?

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Team building has become a currently used method of company management.

Contact us if you want to strengthen your team, surface hidden talents of individuals or just have fun and relax from work stress – we will organize a teambuilding event for you that will suit your needs and requirements. We will be more than happy to offer you:

  • Design and organization of original teambuilding events
  • Teambuilding events with a legend (a type of entertainment contests dealing with special topics, e.g. history, western, etc.)
  • Outdoor events
  • Pub events (a friendly get-together in a restaurant with entertainment, or informal contests)
  • Feed-back and analysis of teambuilding outcomes and results provided by psychologists
  • Organization of sports events, golf tournaments

How does teambuilding look like?

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VIP parties and events

Is there a forthcoming anniversary of your company or any other special day celebration? Do you want to throw a party for your partners or VIP clients that everyone will remember? Do you want to reward your employees for their work?

In that case we offer you:

  • Full organization of company parties (anniversaries, open parties, Christmas parties, VIP parties for customers and partners, etc.)
  • Organization of company events for employees (topical parties, sports events, Children’s Days, St. Nicholas parties, etc.)
  • Organization of cultural and social events (e.g. theatre performance, nights with music)
  • Organization of topical events
  • Organization of culinary and bar experiences

…and many others

How does VIP parties and events look like?

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Attractive as they are, hostesses can make your company event spectacular and cheerful.

Heartfelt greeting and meeting all guests upon their arrival, keeping them informed about the programme, guiding them through the premises – this sort of care will always be appreciated.

Do not forget that it is a hostess’s face that guests usually see first in any event!

  • Hiring hostesses and models for your events (meeting and greeting guests, handing out materials, presenting awards and gifts, showing guests round the premises, informing them about the event, cooperation during surveys, etc.)

Our hostesses

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Events abroad

When organizing your events abroad you will get more opportunities to strengthen business/work relationships with your business partners, customers and employees. Due to events held abroad you will find informal ways of knowing your business friends, you will be more efficient in deepening your cooperation, or motivating your employees to perform better.

We will be more than happy to:

  • Organize foreign incentive trips tailor-made to your requests
  • Organize sports events, golf tournaments and teambuilding programmes in foreign destinations
  • Arrange for conference room for the technical part of your event
  • Organize traditions nights typical for the selected region or country with entertainment programme
  • Provide you with additional services: insurance, roundabout trips, guide, etc.

Cultural events

Our agency organizes or co-organizes cultural events suitable also for company presentations.

We ensure:

  • Organization and co-production of concerts, festivals and exhibitions

We offer our corporate clients with:

  • An opportunity to get presented in cultural events (various types of promotion, VIP parties during prestige festivals, presentation in exhibitions, etc.)
  • Concert performance of an artist to suit their requirements
  • Booking a theatre performance for company customers
  • Production of an audio-visual work (production of company commercials, video presentation, photo coverage, company event coverage, documents)


ALEX Production, s.r.o. is involved in audio visual works. To put it simply, do you need a trailer to promote your company or an upcoming event? Do you need a company video presentation? A radio or TV spot? We will arrange everything for you – draft design, production and postproduction.

  • Complete production of an audio visual work – draft design, production, implementation, postproduction
  • Recording of company radio or TV commercials
  • Video presentations for web pages
  • Spots to present your company in seminars or conferences
  • Clips on the occasion of anniversaries celebrated in you company
  • Topical spots for gala parties
  • Video coverage of your events
  • Video clips or reportage from your events

Promotional items

ALEX will provide you gifts and promotional items for every event.

Are you looking for a suitable gift for conference participants or nice Christmas present for business partners or customers?

  • ALEX is constantly searching for new and unique gifts 
  • ALEX will help you with promotional item selection 
  • Original advertising


Events for everyone

Do you want to surprise your friend or plan birthday celebration, or any non-traditional party?

Do you want to enjoy original tripwith your original partner, friends or family?

Or you want just relax and enjoy yourself?

We are here to prepare the action which you never forget.

  • Birthday party
  • Complex wedding service
  • Original Bachelorette party for the groom and bride
  • Christmas parties
  • Stag parties or ladies nights
  • Weekends with sport nad relaxation program



New season
New teambuilding for summer and winter period, production of promotional items, theatrical performances, conferences and training. Contact us!